About inadequacy

I don’t know anything about chill, when I’m excited I’m excited, when I’m happy I’m happy, when I’m mad I’m mad, when I’m indifferent I’m indifferent – my emotions are see through. Saying I’m reactive, vulcanic, impressionable, corrosive, childish, anxious, depressive, reclusive, idealist, spontaneous, even kind, it all gets lost in translation, because a big front makes up for being transparent to the point of extreme vulnerability. Coming from a place of honesty and transparency is dangerous and frustrating yet liberating. Try it sometime.



Poetry, imagery & painting



Some time ago I drew a series of illustrations for a few poems. Back then I was really into digital drawing and although I liked the results the drawings came out a little stiff,  dull even. I took the time to reinterpret my favourites and add bits of the poems to the watercolour paintings in calligraphy,  using a very special pearly pigment mixed to calligraphy ink.


Recent readings: Manfred – act III end of scene I – Lord Byron

Abbot. This should have been a noble creature: he
Hath all the energy which would have made
A goodly frame of glorious elements,
Had they been wisely mingled; as it is,
It is an awful chaos—light and darkness,
And mind and dust, and passions and pure thoughts,
Mix’d, and contending without end or order,
All dormant or destructive. He will perish,
And yet he must not; I will try once more,
For such are worth redemption; and my duty
Is to dare all things for a righteous end.
I’ll follow him—but cautiously, though surely. [Exit ABBOT.